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PAT Certification

Portable Appliance Testing for amplifiers, mixers, speakers, keyboards, effects & other electronics is included in all services.

New Parts

Thousands of new and reconditioned replacement components in stock!

Fault Diagnosis

Common faults with amplifiers, effects and other sound equipment can be resolved during a Basic Service.

About us

Inerear Service and Repair provides electronic musical equipment maintenance and repair services for musicians.

Decades of experience with guitar amplifiers, musical instruments and audio equipment have allowed Inerear to source many rare & vintage amplifier components, spares and specialist tools.

Regular customers rely on the reliability and fair practice they receive from Inerear.

Amplifier Repair Service

Basic Rate £90 (inc. VAT)

A basic service identifies and corrects most common faults.

Fault diagnosis and 4 hours workshop time are included, as are common replacement parts and a 12 month PAT certificate of electrical safety.

Additional Costs

Customers are consulted before work is undertaken. We act only as instructed and will tell you if a repair is not economical.

Any special-order components appear on an itemised VAT invoice.

Equipment Servicing

• Tube and FET / solid-state amplifier repair service

• Replacement connectors, pots, jacks, valves & switches

• Guitar amplifier valve installation & biasing

• Something not sounding 'right' ?

• Valve, transistor, guitar, bass and PA amps repaired

• Need a repair urgently? Just ask!

Join thousands of customers who have already benefited from our 30 years experience in audio electronics.

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PAT Certification,
and Repair

For keyboards and synths


Neutrik • Van Damme

Cabling made to order


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